Should You Wear Rubber Gloves for Cleaning?

When working around the house, you might find yourself wondering pretty often, should I be wearing gloves for this?

Yes, you should wear rubber gloves for cleaning. Wearing gloves when cleaning offers many benefits including protecting your hands from harsh chemicals, keeping your skin from drying out, providing a better grip, and providing a more pleasant cleaning experience. The gloves can help in a multitude of different chores around the house, from washing dishes, counters, bathtubs, and anything that might require cleaning with chemicals or water.

Here are 4 reasons you should be wearing gloves when cleaning!

1. Gloves Protect You From Harsh Chemicals

One benefit of wearing rubber gloves for household chores is that they protect your hands from harsh chemicals. Many common cleaning solutions can irritate your skin. Particularly harsh ones can even cause minor burns. Because of this, it’s important to wear gloves when cleaning to protect your skin from irritation and avoid injury.

For those with bleach allergies, wearing gloves is especially important. Many household cleaners contain some bleach, so protecting your hands while working is important.

2. Gloves Keep Your Hands From Drying Out

Washing things around the house can leave your hands with dry or cracked skin, which can be irritating and painful. Wearing gloves while washing will help to keep your hands from drying out because your hands aren’t coming into contact with water.

(Even if you wear gloves when cleaning, it’s still always a good idea to wash your hands after you finish, however!)

3. Gloves Provide a Better Grip

Using gloves can also help you have a better grip on things. This not only means you’re less likely to drop whatever you’re cleaning, but you’ll also be able to put in a bit more elbow grease because you have a better grip.

The extra gripping power gloves provide is especially helpful when washing dishes. Wet, soapy dishes can be quite slippery, and dropping one into the sink can create a dangerous situation if it breaks. Gloves will help lessen the chance of a dish slipping out of your hands while you’re cleaning them.

4. Gloves Create A More Pleasant Cleaning Experience

Despite our best efforts to keep our houses clean, there’s always a time when you come across something downright disgusting. Maybe it’s that takeout container in the back of the fridge you forgot that started leaking everywhere, your dog had an unfortunate accident in the house, or you’re like me and really, really hate cleaning the toilet. There are just always things we won’t want to touch with our hands.

This is where gloves really shine. You never have to come into direct contact with whatever you don’t want to touch. Wearing gloves can help to make almost any cleaning task a bit more tolerable since you don’t have to touch anything.

There are many benefits to wearing rubber gloves while doing household chores. They serve as protection from harsh chemicals found in cleaners, help with grip on surfaces being cleaned and also keep hands away from things that might not usually need touching like rotting food or moldy surfaces.

a photo of a woman cleaning while wearing rubber gloves with text that reads "4 reasons to wear rubber gloves for cleaning"

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