Touching Plants Won’t Help Them Grow – Here’s Why

a photo of a child's hand reaching up to touch the leaves of a plant with the text "touching plants won't help them grow: here's why"

Plants are awesome for a number of reasons. They can help reduce our stress levels, they make us feel more connected to the earth, and they create an inviting home environment. But if we constantly touch plants without thinking about it, we could be negatively impacting their growth in ways that aren’t always obvious. Read on to learn why touching plants won’t help them grow and what you should do instead!

Does touching plants help them grow?

No, touching plants does not help them grow. Touching plants can actually have a negative impact on their growth. Plants are sensitive to touch and launch a defensive response when you touch them, actually altering their genome in the process. Doing this takes up energy that the plant could be using to grow instead, so it actually means the plant will grow less than it would have if you hadn’t touched it.

The plant also produces a chemical called jasmonate when you touch it, which can actually inhibit the growth of other plants nearby. So if your goal is to help out your plants with some TLC by touching them often – don’t! You’re really just hurting their chances for success as well as those around them.

One study did find that touching plants can make them more resistant to certain types of fungus because it increases their active defenses against threats. However, it’s probably best that you still avoid touching your plants and instead opt to let them grow as strong and healthy as possible.

What should you do to help your plants grow instead of touching them?

There are some things you can do to help your plants instead of touching them. First, be sure to water them regularly. If you’re in a dry environment, be sure to water them more often, and pay attention to the moisture level of the soil.

Speaking of soil, make sure that your plants are in the right kind of soil. For most house plants, you’ll want to use potting soil that drains well, and make sure they are in a pot or container with drainage holes so that water doesn’t become trapped in the bottom.

You can also give your plants some love through fertilizer every now again. This should keep things going strong while giving those leaves plenty of nutrients so they can grow up big and healthy. Make sure that whatever fertilizer you’re using is appropriate for the type of plant you have, and be sure to follow the instructions on the label!

Lastly, be sure your plants are getting enough light! Some plants require more than others, so if your plant is in a location that doesn’t get a lot of sun, you might want to supplement the light it’s getting with a grow light.

a photo of a hand touching a flower with the text "Touching Plants Won't Help Them Grow - Here's Why"

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